UA @ Khamsys

The University of Arizona Global Campus initiative helps international students like you stay on track toward your U.S. degree, wherever you are in the world. Its enrollment counsellors will create a customized plan for you with flexible and affordable options.

Khamsys Campus has partnered with the University of Arizona to bring the Global Campus initiative to The Gambia. At our amazing coworking space in The Gambia, you can study and earn a degree – undergraduate, graduate or credit towards a U.S degree – from the University of Arizona without leaving the country.

Not only does Global Campus help solve the mobility challenges of today caused by COVID-19, it is a meaningful and long-term effort at meeting the UN Sustainable Development Goal of providing accessible quality education to the world,” said University of Arizona President Robert C. Robbins.


Undergraduate, Graduate & Others

What you get

Global Campus students at Leadspace will get the following:

  • A safe & conducive place to work, study, collaborate and carry out group work without distractions
  • Access to reliable & high-speed wireless Internet for online tutoring and academic support
  • Access to all onsite and offsite events hosted by Khamsys Campus